Saturday, October 11, 2008

Up 2-0

Last night's victory was huge for the Phillies.

Traveling to LA is always rough for East Coast teams. Doing so up 2-0, is much better than the alternatives...and it puts some serious pressure on the Dodgers.

I especially like that situation with Jamie Moyer on the mound. If the Phillies can get one or two runs in the early innings, the Dodgers' hitters will start pressing, and that plays into Jamie Mayer's hands perfectly.

I am still concerned about the lack of offense. Despite yesterday's eight runs, the offense has still been in a slumber. Without Brett Myers (3 RBI and 2 runs scored), they would have been in serious trouble. (Boy, who ever expected to write that sentence!)

J-Roll went 1 for 5 (his first hit of the series).
Utley went 0 for 1 (with four walks).
Howard went 0 for 4 (with one walk) and yet to get a hit in the series.

An optimist sees this and thinks "Wow! The Phillies are up 2-0, and the big three still aren't clicking."

I'm very happy that the Phillies are up 2-0, but I'm concerned that this team still isn't living up to its potential, and it will need to do so before this season ends. Otherwise, the season will end short of the ultimate goal—a parade down Broad Street.

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