Thursday, October 9, 2008

One Down

First, the good news. Cole looked great. After almost giving up a
two-run homer to Man-Ram in the first inning (What was it? Two feet
short?), he settled in to a very good outing. Seven innings, 2 runs, 8
K's and only 2 walks. And the defense behind Cole was solid. A nice
play by Rollins turned into a double play, and Howard's miscue was a
bad hop, not an error.

Fundamentally sound baseball is winning baseball.

And it was again tonight.

The Dodgers only error (combined with nice, fundamentally sound
baserunning by Victorino) cost the Dodgers a run.

The bad news is that a very powerful Phillies offense remained cold.
Seven hits, but none by Rollins, none by Victorino, and none by
Howard. I can't believe that's a long-term recipe for success. And
again tonight (as against the Brewers) the offense had only one inning
of scoring, with no scoring against the bullpen.

But as always in baseball, there's no asterisk in the win column.

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