Thursday, October 2, 2008

2 Down

Great to get a win against their ace. Tonight was probably his last game in a Brewers uniform. The Brewers can't complain about what they got from him, but I'm still confused by the trade. Doug Melvin really thought getting swept in the first round was worth their entire future? Baffling.

As for tonight's game, I was worried throughout. No runs scored after the second inning? This was an enemic effort from our offense. It has to get better if we're going to do anything in the playoffs. And I really don't like the bad fundamental baseball.

Runner on first and one out in the first inning. How many runs? Zero.

I want a parade down Broad Street. We'll only get that by playing better baseball.

On the bright side, Brad Lidge was back to his "Lights out" self, and Brett Myers will be talking about that at-bat against CC right up to his next start. Reporters will have to press him to get him to talk about his pitching.

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