Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Step One

The Phillies' win over the Astros, coming moments after the Marlins' victory over Atlanta, which actually clinched the 2009 National League East Division Title was step one.

Step 1: Get to the playoffs.

Step 2: Set up the rotation for round one. This appears to have happened almost by accident. With his start tomorrow, Cliff Lee is set up perfectly to pitch Game 1 of the Division Series, and Cole Hamels is set up for Game 2.

Step 3: Rest the regulars. I fully expect Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, Raul Ibanez, and the rest of the starting eight to get some time off. Until Tuesday night, they were starting to look tired, so now's the time to get them fresh for October.

Step 4: Win the Division Series.

And that's where I'll leave it for now because in watching the Phillies celebrate on the field, no one could mistake that for this team, this is just Step One.

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