Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1964 Redux

NDespite their best efforts to the contrary, this year's edition of
the phightin' Phils is not going to repeat the soul-crushing collapse
of the 1964 team. I still think the Braves' two losses to Philadelphia
in Atlanta earlier this month will prove to be the margin of victory.

After 156 games, though, this year's club has definitely left a bad
taste in the mouth. What happened to the plucky young upstarts who
would never say die?

Instead of a season filled with memories like the 10-9 victory over
Pittsburgh, after a 9-1 deficit in the 9th, this year's squad is going
to leave the locals with too many memories like last night. A
lackluster performance by everyone involved that was just painful to

Is this team demoralized because they realize that with even a
mediocre closer (as opposed to the lousy pair they have in Madson and
Lidge), this season would have been sealed up a week ago?

Yet the faithful keep believing...

Down 8-2 with two runners on, one out, and the Big Man Ryan Howard at
the plate, the crowd went wild...only to be let down again.

Will we be let down even further in a few weeks?

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