Saturday, September 20, 2008

CB Buckner's Game

They say an umpire is at his best when you don't notice him. If that's
true, CB Buckner had a rough night.

The rough part actually started when he took a foul tip bunt off the
side of the head.

All night (literally beginning with the first batter, Jimmy Rollins)
players and (I assume) coaches have been questioning his strike zone.

And then came the 8th inning when a series of suspect ball-strike
calls against the Phillies in the top half of the inning culminated in
an apparently blown call on a play at the plate in the bottom half,
which was rapidly followed up by a close ("I heard a foul ball") check
swing that kept Cody ROss standing in the batter's box (instead of on
first base) where he would strike out a few pitches later.

Rough night to be an umpire when the game's still not over and that
foul tip to the noggin is starting to look like the high point.

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