Friday, July 9, 2010

Werth was right

There's a minor controversy surrounding a play on Thursday night.

With two outs in the 12th inning, Jayson Werth ran toward the foul line in right field trying to catch a fly ball. The ball hooked foul into the stands, and Werth pursued it.

A fan caught the ball and in catching the ball, the fan clearly prevented Werth from recording the final out of the inning.

On TV, Jayson Werth was shown saying something angrily toward the fan.

He was right.

The fan appeared to be a father with his son sitting next to him, and ordinarily I'd applaud a very nice catch by a fan, but this was not acceptable.

Fans need to know where they sit.

That sounds obvious, but it's not, unless you're a baseball geek like me.

For most people who just like baseball and show up at a game, it's not obvious that they need to pay attention to where they sit.

For those of us who care, you need to note this the minute you walk in the park.

So, when this gentleman walked into the stadium, he should have noticed where he was sitting.

And Jayson Werth should be forgiven (indeed, to my mind praised, for his passion) for saying something (I assume the comments were insulting) about this man's behavior.

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