Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sore Man Out

I'm disappointed in Jamie Moyer.

I never thought I'd write that line, but I just did.

Moyer was removed from the Phillies rotation yesterday and responded by talking to the press about how dissatisfied he was by the decision and even said that he'd been misled by management (meaning Ruben Amaro, Jr. and David Montgomery, not Charlie Manuel). He asserted that he would not become a distraction, but those words can't cancel the sentences that preceded them.

So, instead of writing today about the ongoing struggles of Brad Lidge (please get well soon, Brett Myers!) or the clutch home run by Big Ben Francisco or how JA Happ managed to keep the Phillies in a tough game against a contending team, I'm writing about Jamie Moyer whining to the press.

I can't blame Moyer for his feelings. Given all that he's done in the game and for this team since he joined it three years ago, he has a right to feel hurt. He should not, however, have aired those feelings with the press.

Close Charlie's door and yell till his ears bleed. Send Amaro a bouquet of black roses. But don't tell the press how upset you are. Nothing good can come of that. And nothing will.

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